Saturday, July 10, 2010

Testing time

Today I have been promised a medical examination,  I have not been on my walks for almost a month so you guys will have to make do  with the wildlife I see from my balcony  There are 2 sets of  laughing doves  that pay me a visit and play on the wall across to my flat,
 below my balcony is a Bouganvilia tree where the sparrows play  and have a nest.
tomorrow I may get out to see the wildlife again, but you can see all the birds  plants and dragonflies  click on the links,

Why am I not going on my normal walks   click on here


Chris said...

Beautiful pictures Tony. Take care of yourself. Hope you will do ok soon!

Mary said...

I'm glad the doves came to entertain you since you couldn't get out :-) Hope you are much better soon.