Monday, July 19, 2010

Part 2 of yesterdays walk

Here the dragons are just about moving in the reed bed  never seen so many in one place.

I do not know what makes this kind of hole in the mud banks if I was on a beach i would say a crab of some sorts  , It is a perfect circle  its also just a few cm above the water line.

the dragon and the butterfly
.the Little green bee eater is back lots of photos of her on the birdinginegypt blog.

Gracful prinia 


Mary said...

Love the balloons in the sky photo! That hole looks sort of like our crayfish holes...."crawdad holes" we call them. Do you have something like that? Lovely butterfly and that cute little bird at the end!

Bob Bushell said...

They are great pictures, Tony. I love the balloons