Monday, July 19, 2010

My first long walk about in over a month.

 at 5.30  I set off on what used to be a regular past time   walking and taking photos,  it was a real treat for me And the scenes and the wildlife  was worth the effort of an early morning rise,  it is also much too hot to go walk about between 10.00  and 19.00 . yesterday it was 51c +  in my flat . that makes for sunburn weather 
or sun stroke.   first I will  show  sunrise and go through my walk  showing one of each species   If you want to see the whole collection go to the sidebar. and click on the relevant blog,  Ie  birds will be on  birding in egypt. all my blogs have the word Egypt in the blogspot heading.
The bird in the above photo is the Squacco heron  and the same Heron as it came to feed on the  wetlands'
as soon as it realized I was there it took off again  once I was on my way it came back again

 the Little white Egret  always hunting for the next meal


The first bird I saw was sitting on a wire Quite high up  not a good shot and cannot Identify the species. I thought at first it was the Bulbul,  after getting it on the computer I do not think I have seen this one before
The laughing dove, such a pretty bird  lots of them around  searching for food before it gets too hot, 
then this one  The Gracful Prinia,  So tiny and so active,  like me she is hunting for the dragons but they will catch in flight and fly off to eat. she had enough to choose from today Hundreds of dragons about even on the wires close to where this shot was taken. they seem tobe all one species  or Maybe its to early and the others are late risers.
A closup of one of the dragons on the wires,

I have got many shots of the black winged  darteron the dragons blogspot, they mate with a lighter couler  and it seems this is the offspring  not seen one this colour before so I took a shot of it.
 This beetle was too far in the swamp for me to get a decent photo  it would have been nice to have got a macro shot , never seen one of these before,   another day maybe. but I know now where to look.
f inish part one with this shot of the Water bufallo calf and her minder the cattle egret
the egret is also this years baby.

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Wai Yien said...

love the first 2 photos with the sun setting behind the scene, lovely.