Monday, July 12, 2010


All of the 14 species I saw today are on on
I think its the Whitethroat Sylvia communis.  Juvenile  its quite a small bird but it stayed quite still where it had found some shade  never bothered about the guy with the camera  It had found some shade and thats where it wanted to stay , It was a bonus  as I only had my 75x300 lens today  for the dragonflies. more photos of this one bird on
what lovely colours on this skink, I was photographing a black winged dragonfly on the steps that led to the old ferry dock.then noticed the skink hoping for a meal   I was poised ready for a shot  but the dragon flew off when the skink got to close. never mind  thinks cannot be planed in Nature. maybe another day I will get a shot of  a skink catching its food.  the reason it did not catch today  , there was a gap between the stone surface and the dragons perch,



Chris said...

Wow what a set. I love the two lizard shots a lot, but the rest is beautiful too! Congrats!

Mary said...

You have a bit of everything here! Love the dragonfly and butterfly. Nice of the little bird to pose for you in the shade :-) Cool skink!