Sunday, November 29, 2009

The dropped skeleton of a fish.

As I was walking over the bridge Yesterday the Kingfisher did his droppings. isn't that a nice word we do not say our feathered friends have a shit. we say have a drop the reason is because they only have one rear passage. no number one's or two's. getting back to the pile of dropping.
As I walked past the bridge rail I had forgot all about what the bird did yesterday well its not something one dwells on, a bird doing its droppings unless its a seagull that has dropped one on your head while sunbathing on a beach. any way this dropping on the rail caught my attention I thought first it was a cocoon of one of the dragons. my name for the dragonflies, Of which I have another blogspot so I would take a photo of it. then I noticed a fish bone sticking out of it as I was looking at it through the macro lens, aah! I thought its a stool . and my mind raced back to yesterday and the kingfisher doing its business on the rail of the bridge. it was dry to the touch so I dissected it , not afraid of getting my hands dirty me. all it was is bones and fish gills. well do not expect anything else its not a vegitarian, fish and Nile water only on its menu, boring I know but thats nature for you. so now you know what kingfishers drop. click the photo I went to a lot of trouble to get this photo so please have a look at this pile of bird droppings that I now call a skeleton of a fish.

Photos of Thirty seven species of bird to Date 29/11/09
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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Maretim Luxor

The birds have mooved not Migrated but just gone to their own blog
This Island was bought by the Hotel
maritem. They also renamed the Island kings Island for obvious reasons. but to me its crocodile island. and its from the bridge that todays birds and fowl were photographed. the sparrows are photographed on my balcony roof.
View of bridge from what was Banana Island. this a good hotel to base for birdwatching in Luxor.
but be warry if the money hungry guards and Taxi drivers. they do have there own free transport to and from luxor town centre,

Love this tree

View both sides of the bridge

reflections in the Nile

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Early morning Egypt

Spiders web in the early morning sun

The little white egret looks half asleep

The path is part of my daily walk I am not usually out this early I just wanted to photograph what I could. dragons etc.

The low sun brought out the colors in this tiny wasp

Fast asleep, I actually touched this dragon before I took the photo in macro

and another small bug fast asleep.

Another tiny wasp usually these are in groups Next photo.from

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Monitor Lizard

This is my first photo of the monitor lizard. I have seen it almost every time I go on my walk.

I do not think this one is feeling well I stayed a distance away in case it made her afraid.
usually this is afraid and gone into the murky waters as soon as it sees any danger.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

The crow and rat

this is where the rat was caught the egrets only eat grubs and small mice when they see something they are afraid of they screech. usually the rat would have been caught first but the crows keep away from the farmer.

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Friday, November 13, 2009

who's doing what.

Father and son on the way to work in the fields what shall we do today son . I duno Dad.

What are we going do today then.

Just like the world wide web its full of holes.
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Monday, November 9, 2009

Life in Egypt

Bullrush seed head,

If this was a human head it would be called a bust,
So this is a bust of the Cattle egret.

A web of baby spiders.
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Sunday, November 8, 2009


I have left this on as large as possible to see these tiny ants that cause so much damage here,
this photo was taken on my roof balcony the sand is similar to the hour glass sand (very fine)
Just to give you some Idea how strong and small they are. one grain of sand is the equivalent
of lifting 3 times your own weight. and that is nothing to what these creatures can lift and carry over vast areas. and if its too heavy for one they will get help I have seen up to 50 moving a dead wasp.
will bring some sand from the building site next door and take a photo I love the colors once I see it in macro.
its like when I sit on the beach I love rubbing my feet in the sand (therapeutic)
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I have a new fly catcher The last one got too clever and would go in the electric zapper for the dead flies. one day the zapper was left on a d it fried. or rather cooked on the wires.
this is just a small one they manage to get in the flat through the expelair kitchen fan .
problem is when they get bigger so does the crap they leave on the walls,
but I leave them alone all they do is eat unwanted flies and bugs that invade my space and will bite me the soonest possible chance. this one is quite cute beats me how they can move just as fast up the walls and on the ceiling as on the floor.
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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Monday, November 2, 2009

Dragonflies and Damsels

All the dragonflies have now got their own blog.
there are so many dragons, I see a new species ( to me) almost every time I go on my walks around Egypt.
If you would like to help identify the dragons please use the comment section
All the butterflies and insects on wings are being given a new blog.

donkey shade

Scrub warbler, Scotocerca inquita) She was so busy catching bugs on the ladies finger plant she was unaware of me taking a photo until it was too late. I am taking it as the female!

First time I have seen the donkey using the shade from
its cart usually they like standing in the sun even in the hot part of the year

Sunday, November 1, 2009

canal life

Or rather the end of canal wild life. not in a good mood after seeing all this work being carried out on the canal. this canal happens to be alongside the main road into Luxor from Aswan all the cruise boats soon will have berths near hear and the council have decided to widen this section it is already a duel carriageway that runs into the city center and never do we have a traffic jamb one vehicle a minute will not cause a traffic jamb. tourist buses etc that come in from the airport
use the main road the other side of luxor.

most of the people who use this road travel by local minibus there are no pick up signs here if you put your and up the micro bus will pick up or getting off just ask the driver to stop. the micro buses run every minute and they are the main traffic on this road and most only come as far as my home and turn around as we are the last village in the luxor district. I think more donkeys use the rest of the road out of the village,
Buses in the future after all the building work is complete. will travel out of the village as all the atractions such as Thebes is on the west bank and the bridge over the Nile to get there is 4 kilometers from here. as is the junction to the airport. so this part of the proposed new highway will not have much use in the future, but not only is this canal being filled in but across the road lies the reed beds and the Nile all being destroyed for this councils greed for tourist money,see nile pollution on

one way of the duel carriageway they have road cleaners to clean the donkey crap thats why the hedge rows are so healthy and always look nice for the tourists that are coming or going from the Jollyville holiday resort. on crocodile Island new name Kings Island. people would not book if they think there are crocs there, there are no crocs in the nile now they have built the dams.

Blocking the canal so the workers can concrete the base for the pipes.
has also stopped the fish now the herons and kingfishers are here gorging themselves with the trapped fish, the other use for this main highway will be for the sheep. they have taken the bridges down over the canal for now the sheep have to come as far up as my flat to get on the road,