Thursday, July 29, 2010

Visitor night and day

The two young doves paid a visit today they have been away for almost 2 weeks,  the older doves are always here, so I thought maybe they have found themselves another nesting place. so maybe I will have the pleasure of seeing yet another generation of the Laughing doves,
I  got up at 2.00  to make myself a cup of tea  and have a shower, this young greco  was clinging to the bathroom door suround  must have been wondering what this crazy human was doing in  water scaring all its food away, it was so cute.  its only about 2.1/2 " long
And it stayed in the same place as I walked out of the bathroom  6" under it  to get my Camera,

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

busy bees and things

Never seen anything as busy as these sand bees see the third picture how much sand it moves in one dig.
first it gets in the hole digs some  backs out and moves it again and again  until the sand is clear of the hole.

The spider is growing fast  even though its still only about 1/4 inch,  its almost twice its size in 3 weeks 
The dragon and the bug
I have a feeling these are water boatmen  male and female  so she will be a water boat woman!
they are too small to be a beetle and the legs are too long.
they where on the waters edge
The kissing fish

grasshoppers   green and brown. about 1" long

This one is about 4"long

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Frogging and fishing

The frogs do not get a chance to grow  I saw quite a few today but they are so small  no point in trying to get a photo  as I already have a few on another post.
It was great watching the birds  hunting  I put my hearing aid in today and such a noise the ducklings made slurping through the mud,
But the main focus today was the Egrets fishing,
The first 6 shots are the Little white Egret  

Then the Cattle Egret  was intent on getting a fes frogs,  while minding one of the Bufallo one frog is so much bigger than a fly. especially since it was hopping around the beast.
Not so clever getting frogs, a mouth full of grass.
Thats better

Then comes the heavy mob,   ok  where where them frogs..
This  Muskovi could not understand why her two young like the water so much  and frogging to boot.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Is three a crowd

Across the alleyway to my flat there is a lovely victorian dwelling. but just like the egyptians as long as it is standing upright its OK, all the rubbish is dumped on its roof wood etc just in case we get a cold winters day and a fire is needed,
here there is all manor of bugs etc for the doves grecos  there is even a cat that comes to make sure the rats are kept in check,  even the Kestrel has been seen catching a rat on its roof. much to my enjoyment. 

Laughing doves having a chuckle. or is it the mating game

Monday, July 19, 2010

Part 2 of yesterdays walk

Here the dragons are just about moving in the reed bed  never seen so many in one place.

I do not know what makes this kind of hole in the mud banks if I was on a beach i would say a crab of some sorts  , It is a perfect circle  its also just a few cm above the water line.

the dragon and the butterfly
.the Little green bee eater is back lots of photos of her on the birdinginegypt blog.

Gracful prinia 

My first long walk about in over a month.

 at 5.30  I set off on what used to be a regular past time   walking and taking photos,  it was a real treat for me And the scenes and the wildlife  was worth the effort of an early morning rise,  it is also much too hot to go walk about between 10.00  and 19.00 . yesterday it was 51c +  in my flat . that makes for sunburn weather 
or sun stroke.   first I will  show  sunrise and go through my walk  showing one of each species   If you want to see the whole collection go to the sidebar. and click on the relevant blog,  Ie  birds will be on  birding in egypt. all my blogs have the word Egypt in the blogspot heading.
The bird in the above photo is the Squacco heron  and the same Heron as it came to feed on the  wetlands'
as soon as it realized I was there it took off again  once I was on my way it came back again

 the Little white Egret  always hunting for the next meal


The first bird I saw was sitting on a wire Quite high up  not a good shot and cannot Identify the species. I thought at first it was the Bulbul,  after getting it on the computer I do not think I have seen this one before
The laughing dove, such a pretty bird  lots of them around  searching for food before it gets too hot, 
then this one  The Gracful Prinia,  So tiny and so active,  like me she is hunting for the dragons but they will catch in flight and fly off to eat. she had enough to choose from today Hundreds of dragons about even on the wires close to where this shot was taken. they seem tobe all one species  or Maybe its to early and the others are late risers.
A closup of one of the dragons on the wires,

I have got many shots of the black winged  darteron the dragons blogspot, they mate with a lighter couler  and it seems this is the offspring  not seen one this colour before so I took a shot of it.
 This beetle was too far in the swamp for me to get a decent photo  it would have been nice to have got a macro shot , never seen one of these before,   another day maybe. but I know now where to look.
f inish part one with this shot of the Water bufallo calf and her minder the cattle egret
the egret is also this years baby.