Wednesday, July 28, 2010

busy bees and things

Never seen anything as busy as these sand bees see the third picture how much sand it moves in one dig.
first it gets in the hole digs some  backs out and moves it again and again  until the sand is clear of the hole.

The spider is growing fast  even though its still only about 1/4 inch,  its almost twice its size in 3 weeks 
The dragon and the bug
I have a feeling these are water boatmen  male and female  so she will be a water boat woman!
they are too small to be a beetle and the legs are too long.
they where on the waters edge
The kissing fish

grasshoppers   green and brown. about 1" long

This one is about 4"long

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Mary said...

All sorts of good stuff here! Do you have to worry about stepping on those sand bee's nests and getting swarmed or stung? The kissing fish is good :-) Nice hoppers....I haven't noticed any but the real small ones this year, it seems.