Thursday, July 22, 2010

Frogging and fishing

The frogs do not get a chance to grow  I saw quite a few today but they are so small  no point in trying to get a photo  as I already have a few on another post.
It was great watching the birds  hunting  I put my hearing aid in today and such a noise the ducklings made slurping through the mud,
But the main focus today was the Egrets fishing,
The first 6 shots are the Little white Egret  

Then the Cattle Egret  was intent on getting a fes frogs,  while minding one of the Bufallo one frog is so much bigger than a fly. especially since it was hopping around the beast.
Not so clever getting frogs, a mouth full of grass.
Thats better

Then comes the heavy mob,   ok  where where them frogs..
This  Muskovi could not understand why her two young like the water so much  and frogging to boot.


Bob Bushell said...

I have been looking for the Cattle Egret, every time I am told of one near, I am too late. Your one with the frog in its beak is super shot.

Mary said...

Ah...the little ducks are adorable! I love watching the egrets and ducks hunt. Great shots of the fish catch! It takes such patience to get that.