Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dragonflies have taken over from the birds

The past 3 days have been a treat there are hundreds of dragonflies and damsels its strange how , even though there is only a few miles or a stretch of water to devide the species, on the tuesdays dragons are from a walk to the east of Luxor  a place known as El gezira or Banana Island area
tuesdays dragons are from the west bank across the River, and todays are from an area  towards the airport. just 2 kilometers from my flat, the only species being the same are the orange and the black winged.
these  I will put on here as the first 2 species,
Black winged darter and a damselfly the damsel is common to all 3 areas  in Luxor,

I also saw the following birds today  all I have photos of on Birding in Egypt
Crested Lark,  Hoopoe.  ring-necked plovers, white & cattle egrets,
3 falcons, and many of the smaller birds that are the first birds on the bird blog,
While having a cup of tea during making this blog I shot this spider
And  it's as big as a pin head,

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