Sunday, May 2, 2010

1st may birds in Luxor Egypt

All the birds on todays walk,    I blog what I see  not just for you  but for what I should be looking for next year. like the European bee eater  only here for a week so now will have to wait for next year that's if they stop here in Luxor,  for instance last year I only glimpsed and got 3 shots of the rare visitor the striated Heron this year I have seen many and got some good shots.  the book says they do not always visit the Nile delta preferring the mangroves of the red sea area, so I was a lucky seeing them in my area,        
Turtle dove
With the reeds growing its hard to tell how many herons in this photo I saw 30 lifting when I walked through the field. mainly squacco herons, 

Squacco heron

 Two night herons and a young squacco heron

 Common bulbul

Young Nile valley sun bird  Female.
young yellowwagtail

Young Ring necked plover

Little white egret with its catch
 Young Scuacco heron
Little tern

White egrets and  squacco heron 
hoopoe bird several today 

European bee-eater in full flight 

Barn swallows 
European bee-eater

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Mary said...

You are keeping a great record of all the birds you see and such great photos to show of them. Love those herons....unusual.