Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Little white egret fishing

 Even photos can be deceiving  , watching the egret in the Nile today  even thought the river is high and flowing very fast. it is still polluted, here we see a heron  at first glance seems to be fishing. first photo She flew under one of the cat walk boards of one of the cruisers the next shot is of it flying with its catch to shallow water,
Not until I saw this shot enlarged on the computer did I see the fish was dead and from the look in the eyes  its been dead for a while.
but it is food and  its down the throat head first  
ok lets see now where did I catch that last fish,


SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

Stunning shots again Tony. What luck to be able to catch it fishing like that. I really wish I had more time to go out and do photography, but right now I have too many projects I am trying to get finished. Maybe by this summer ..... (sigh)

Mary said...

Great shots...I think I'll take my fish a little "fresher" however. I guess when you are a bird, you take what you can get, or go hungry!