Monday, May 10, 2010

House sharing

No need to get frightened this is a very small house spider and a friend,  not that I give it a cuddle or stroke it,
its my friend because it eats things that bite me, such as flies.mosquitoes and other little flying insects.
it does not make webs not that I have seen in my home anyway,  this particular friend lives near the balcony window  and catches the flies on the window 
so quick:-  as I was taking its photo the fly stopped for a poop. and  wallah. its diner time for my friend
This photo you can see the fresh fly dropping, it will dry solid in 5 mins as its 40c in my flat at this moment.and if you think that's hot go to yesterdays temperature on nilelife2 
Strange type of fellow this Welshman that lives in Luxor Egypt,  not really its just that I notice who and what I share my life,  my home with.     do you ?


SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

Great minds think alike my friend!! :) Lovely pictures of your spider Tony. :)

Kerry said...

I'm with you what it comes to noticing what is around and I actively encourage spiders: I have a house full of cobwebs. I can't stand flies so the more spiders the merrier!

Good captures.

Mary said...

I try to be nice to spiders since they kill other bugs, but I still don't really like them.