Friday, May 14, 2010

Banana Island

One of the trees the herons use for nesting on the Island there are several trees they use  High Mango trees  and the fever tree.  here one of the young fledglings got carried by a gust if wind  and landed on the date palm  and it was not too sure about its surroundings or how to take off from there.
 in the heronry tree it could walk along a branch then test fly to the next,  the palm frons bend under the birds weight  ohh dear. mum help.
Some  fighting going on  while testing the wings
some even getting aggressive  pulling at each others plumage. just like children  lots of  squawking and fighting in the nursery. 
a few yards away from the nursery and I am back on the Nile inlet. not that we can call banana island an island now.
but the herons  still hunt and feed on the murky waters caused by the land fill. 
  A night heron and little white egret  having a fishing competition.
No problem for the Squacco the lone fisher
 A young   night heron it will take another 9 months before it gets its adult plumage
Night hero in full plumage. most likely the parent of the young one 


Andrea said...

Interesting serie.
Overall I like the last one.


Kerry said...

Aren't they beautiful graceful birds. So sad that their land is being polluted by land fill.