Thursday, May 27, 2010

No bugs around I wonder! Why?

One of the bugs the skinks do not eat,
they only live where there is garbage or dung and rather than go to a smelly dump. I opted to go to a cleaner environment, or so I thought  this being an area where all the tourists  have a stroll  along the lower walk of the promenade, this is the area already under re construction IE all the cruise ships and the moorings  ,fuel pipes etc have been moved ready for the dig  where I am walking will eventually be the level of the new prom,
  but here there is nothing for the skinks.  so I walk on to where the boats are parked sometimes 11 in a row.

One of the juniors with its bright blue tail.
there are a few gardens here  But also a dump for kitchen waste from the boats. here the flies gather  plus the rats, and its a good feeding area for our bug cleaners, the skinks,  and there are hundreds of them here often the run across the walk to get a drink in the Nile,  these  are about 6" in length  Not sure what they are once they grow bigger, if they grow any larger the next size I have seen are over 9" then they are monitor lizards.

Giant monitor lizard found in Egypt
 This one  I photographed  7/4/10  and is over 9ft long  its tail is over a meter
 making it bigger than the one found in the Philippines


The other little  bug eaters are the Grecos  last night there was 6 on the wall opposite my balcony,  I live watching these move  looks like the wall is velcro. and these have velcro pads on the feet.  photos taken with flash from 30ft

 the Squacco has more interest in the little monitor lizard  than me.

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Mary said...

I don't get to see lizards very often, so I enjoyed these! Skinks are neat looking.