Thursday, April 29, 2010

A walk along the Nile

A water bufallo having a wollow and it sure looked good in todays heat

Having some real probs with blogger. only on this account though.  so I have to upload on the   account  ,save as draft,  edit html  and cut.  bring this account up again  and paste. this time I pasted saved ready to cut the bird section to go on birdingin egypt . and the lecy went off.
 now the birds have been moved to 


Chris said...

What an amazing post with so many different species. you got some very nice pictures there. Congrats!

Bob Bushell said...

Yes, I agree with Chris, that's the Water Buffalo having a bath, ah it's a rest.

Kerry said...

Blogger is playing up again: your page on the bee eaters is visible in google reader - the place I read all my blogs but when I come to your site it says the post doesn't exist? It has been playing up all week for me as well, giving me comments to moderate that have been moderated two weeks ago!

Mary said...

Sounds confusing! Love the buffalo shot!

Tony nile life said...

confused me too. now I found a new way to blog without using picasa blogger, seems all google want to do is make things hard ,
I can do all I want with microsoft picture manager, apart from sign the photos.