Thursday, May 13, 2010

Another long walk around Luxor

My walk today takes me to the back fields of my old place of residence  hoping to see something new.
I have blogged on this plant a few weeks ago, I know I did not miss this plant last year  every day I walked through this area  as photographing was something new to me I took photos of anything that caught my eye and this plant was not here last year , so I asked one of the farmers about it  and he reckons its come on with the last crop of corn  and the birds have carried it everywhere.  but its all over the place I told him  yes all the farmers get the corn seed in batch from one supplier, so that explains the new flower in Luxor. not that I mind the fields look pretty especially mixed with the white clover flower.. that brings me to my second point  was it brought in with the clover seed .  no he said  we grow our own clover:- from seed:-  Yes

One of the Moths/ butterflies that  like this plant
Not one of the plants in this field of purple clover?
Looks nice though blue and white field. 
Carpets of Ixia plant 
All the irrigation channels have this small flowering plant  that attracts bees and butterflies
Just a few shots of the fledgelings in the heronry on banana island


Bob Bushell said...

I really like the header, with the boy abroad a donkey watched by the Bee Eater Tony.

Elettra said...

Sciarada is rigth your photos are very interesting, many compliments