Tuesday, April 6, 2010

West bank Luxor Egypt

Now if I went anywhere near these Egrets they would be away  here its looking for grubs in the cut sheaths of corn. and no farmer is going to stop it getting them.


by Picasa
 two together from the above shots

 I like the lizards eyes, these small lizards are everywhere.

 New build pigeon house.
not going to say what this guy did prior to looking in the tin  but he must have swallowed a diamond .
 and that's Egypt's wildlife.  for today anyway.


Bob Bushell said...

The Egret is very cunning, I thought Egret didn't come near a man? And the Monitor Lizard is a good find. Good shots Tony.

Tony nile life said...

they do not come near me Bob. well not that close. nice photo of the pheasant.

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

What a wonderful selection you have today Tony. I especially like the dragonfly and the monitor.

Kerry said...

Wow, getting to see monitor lizards in the wild, how wonderful. I didn't know they had them in Egypt.

Ginnymo said...

What great photos Tony!! I love the rat ones..Ha! Ha!

Mary said...

I like the egret and the lizards! You captured a lot of good stuff.