Friday, April 9, 2010

Cuddly donkey

Not exactly wildlife. but this cuddly looking baby was with its mum on the marshland, I even had a cuddle just to check if it was as cuddly as it looked,  soooo  nice.
looking for another stroke off the human. 

She seemed to enjoy a bit of nicety from a human  only about a week old so she was not tethered
 and followed me  into the marsh land for a while before she realized mums milk was a bit to far away.

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Ginnymo said...

Hi Tony! I went to your web site with all your wildlife photos. Wow!! So beautiful and so many different animals and birds to look at. Thank you for the link!! And on this post I love this little donkey!! he's so fuzzy and cute!! My wrist still hurts but I'm exercising it every day and hopefully it will get stronger again. Take care.

Mary said...

What a cute baby donkey! I did go look at your other photos, but there is no where to leave comments and it is so long, that I would not have been able to remember what I wanted to say anyway! You had some wonderful photos there and are getting such a great variety!

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

How sweet!! The babies of these animals are always so cute. :)