Saturday, April 10, 2010

Night life, greco

Considering I have not been out of my flat today, due to back problems.
I have seen 3  pairs of turtle doves,  several sparrows came and sat on my balcony railing. a kestrel. lots of pigeons, a couple of hooded crows fighting over a piece of bread. and this evening  I have been watching the Grecos (3) Chasing flies on the wall across the alleyway.
amazes me how they can move just as fast up a wall as along the flat.


SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

Love those toes!! :) I hope you feel better soon Tony. A backache is and can be a real problem.

BTW Loved your website.

Kerry said...

Excellent shots! They remind me of Chinese silk paintings.

Hope your back gets better soon. I had one for several weeks back in Feb/March so I know exactly how you feel.

Andrea said...

Beautiful pictures:very stilysh!


Mary said...

Love these! When we were in Tucson, the lizards would crawl on the screen at night looking for bugs attracted by the light inside where we were playing cards :-) Looked a lot like these! It was funny to watch them catch bugs.