Monday, October 26, 2009

Nile pollution by Dr Samir Fawak

This is the area That I have taken lots of photos of the wild life
I put a complaint in to this****** council leader Dr Samir Fawak
but as you can see no one cares its almost too late now to save the reed beds.
And already the pond behind this pile of rubbish has lost its life line to the Nile the pond will get stagnant and that will be the end of its wild life. as you can see from my past photos some of the rarest birds have stopped here on migration,
all these people think about is money, not one person here in Egypt has raised any concerns over this Nile pollution some of the stuff they have buried here is toxic waste and rubbish from the hospital they took down. out of sight out of mind. but it will get into the nile the nile is 2 meters high at times that means it will filtrate this rubbish and its toxic waste will get into the Nile as it recedes, (lowers)

They are still burning plastic and anything that has no monetary value.

This photo is taken half way on the fill looking down to the Nile

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