Friday, October 16, 2009


My first greeting this day of prayer for the Muslims was,
I want money.
me too; I said.
thankfully he had gone by the time I had come back 4 hours later.

My poor feet after 10 kilometer walk today. I never wear socks
because my feet will sweat then I get blisters. so all the dust and
whatever I walk through some will end up in my shoes
On arravil back to my place of rest a cool coke for my feet and a
bubble pipe to get me relaxed, after all the hassle. one thing that
these idiots do not understand is the need to go out to take photos .
On seeing what they think is a stupid tourist with a camera they
put a nice smile on and do the click click motion of a camera ,
Then I ask how much 2 euro was the price today, not enough I said
, how much you pay? No I said: you pay me. if you need your picture taken you pay me,
Then they realize that I am speaking in their native tongue. well what little I know,
were you from? which country ? where you go? not your business ,
that is my favorite answer as they seem to know what that means.
do you want your photo taken then it will be 5 euro.
And I will put your photo in the kodak shop later, and off they go swearing under their breath.
f*** the tourist. mish michilah. I say, (In your dreams)

just above me is a tree full of sparrows about twenty flew in , sparrows were already showering me with dead leaves. from the Accasia and Henna tree. time to move methinks. before they shower me with other stuff.

Pocket camera shot of my caked mud shoes after prancing
about in the banana plantation trying to get a decent photo of the Kite.

Maybe that is why these shoes are left here on the edge of the field.

Had to be careful and look where I was stepping the plantation
had just been inundated and was like mud glue. but needs must
and I eventually got close enough to get some half decent photos of the Kite.

my hiding place with the ripening Tangerines and a canopy of banana leaves

First sighting shots from the edge of the plantation

Then I get a stern warning from the farmer who had his hand out
just like the beggars. not your land I said why you feed your sheep on this land.
I am Egyptian he said. Then I went into my little bit of Arabic. does that mean
if I live here I can go on this land. then I pointed to my place across the fields.
Ah you are Egyptian . another duty free stop.

Spider heaven ,
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