Thursday, October 8, 2009

Bees and Bugs

Do yourself a favor as you walk through life: Take a moment to see what is around you , " You may be missing something wonderful.

blue bomber

Another bug from the swamp " well the reed bed" it seemed to creep back so its hind was in the water maybe its another water egg layer.

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just thought I would put this on! palm date tree reflection on the pond

Things not noticed by the naked Eye
first there is a spiders nest full of baby spiders.
under it is an aphid getting a meal from bugs on the reed stem,after the photo was put on the blog and enlarged, I see the bugs are Tiny spiders,

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The black tailed ants have been busy digging holes.
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small wasp on the reed grass. just above it there is a damsel fly next photo both pictures are from the same frame.
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The remains of the water buffalo by the size of the horns it was quite old so would not have been eat by humans,the whole corps was left to rot in the reed beds.

Not sure what it is . it flew in landed on my desk then then jumped off like a cricket.

Not sure if this is a silver fish its got some long antenna though
have not seen any snails here not in this area its also to hot for snails that live on the land and eat our crops. . so these must be water snails there are hundreds of the shells on the banks after the Nile receded.

Grasshopper this landed in the canal and was quickly devoured by a fish.

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Take a photo of me too . this was a tiny creature that landed on the stair rail when I was coming back to the flat.

One is taken on the telephone line with a sky background. the dark blue is the balcony cieling to to one of the flats. I try not to touch my photos up, I have the latest photoshop for creating multiple photos for web sites etc. none of my blog photos have been touched up.

At 45c Its even too hot for this lizards feet,

click the photo to enlarge
The spider can change colour to its background,

One of the tiny ants that like the suger

A mantis that lived on my balcony plant

I have made the Mantis as large as possible so you can see the sweat above its eyes,


Scarab beetle

Flies having a drink of tea from a spoon everything has to
live but the flies seem to prefer living here by my home.

A wasp this is the favourite of the little bee eater bird

A dung beetle here they follow the water buffalo
no elephants here in Egypt. apart from Cairo zoo

A spoon full of flies.
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