Thursday, October 8, 2009


The view of the reed beds again but with the (Valley of the Kings) Thebes mountain range in the background. in the centre of the photo is where the next photos have been taken. I love this walk. I never know what turns up. Click on the photo you can see the cows and donkey.

Some of the reeds are over 3 meters high

the bullrush is out, not seen in the photo but there are 2 Kingfishers on the other side of the water.

I do not need to wait for more photos of the Birds there are pied kingfishers on the

have I got any ticks on me? no but there is a fly on the end of your nose,

Got one on your eye too.

The donkey said you need your ear cleaning.

how about you! need any cleaning done,

Drat must have got one of those jumping critters.

This little fellow is waiting for the farmer to finish
cutting the maze,

By the time I had finished my morning walk
the field had been turned ready for the next crop
and the
The pump was on full bore to flood the fields.

The cattle egrets today with the sheep.

One of the Heifers broke loose from its tether and was playing chase the birds
the egrets as usual where on the side of the Calf

The farmer and his friends

The shepherd, no crooks here. "hmm" must clear my throat.
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