Friday, October 16, 2009

Honey bees

As soon As I got to the area where I could see my flat across
the fields I headed in that direction I was getting tired so
decided on a shortcut home.
I keep forgetting that just because I have no Arthritis hear and
can get about quite freely , I have 3 slipped discs and have to be
careful with my back
or tomorrow I will be laid up in agony . and it was a case of
taking the short cut or another 4 k all the way around to my flat,
there are no microbusses from here to my home,
a few yards into the field there was a clump of Date palms and in
the shade of them was this colony of honey bees. but I could not get
real close, it would only Aggravate them then I would have more
problems than my back to cope with. after the third shot of them
entering the Hive. I was away there was rather a lot of them and
there was a chance of getting stung,

Young accasia Trees have been planted in abundance in this area.
for the bees.
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