Sunday, June 13, 2010

Where do all the frogs go

I do not know I do not eat them if they could fly I would  eat them,   the blue-cheeked bee-eater
Yummee   yes   says the  Ring- necked plover
Me too  I like frogs good vitamins for our young feathers.  says the Striated heron fledgling.

 the Little bittern will hunt  for frogs when no one is about.
The striated heron on a frog  hunting expedition,

Well  can not say anything can I  with my beak full of frog   says the House sparrow
Don't ask such stupid questions  much easier to catch than fish  gives us a varied diet to, the squacco  and the little white egret.  do not know why you are so inquisitive about frogs, you humans eat them,
The frogs do not have much chance of survival with all the birds hunting them.
We do not eat them   the male nile valley sun bird and the Laughing dove.
Frogs are no good for nesting material   says the reed warbler

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Bob Bushell said...

What a good collection you have made Tony.