Thursday, June 3, 2010

Tree rats and sparrows

I do not like rats because they carry all kinds of diseases. so the shots you see I have this in Mind not too close just incase one decides to take A bite out of me. now since putting them on the blog and enlarging them I see they are not the garbage rats  and if I knew this at the time I would have got closer to get some decent shots, so maybe I will go back there and take some better photos if they decide to show up for a photo shoot, can never tell with wildlife.  not that I want to cuddle them just a photo will suffice!
A small area on land used as a farm, if the Nile comes up another few inches this land will be flooded
These are tree rats I have seen them before eating the acacia seed pods  and looking closer I see they differ in markings to the rat we all know and love that lives in the garbage and sewers,
this chap lives with the birds even acts like the birds and eats like the birds, and its a vegan,
Here the birds are dust bathing  notice the unripe mango. this is what the rat is going for.
Here its chomping away spitting out the fleshy parts to get at the Nut  it was quite content until it noticed me then scurried off into the scrub
These feral pigeons have to be content with eating  the maze and corn seed that has been sown for the next harvest.
No rats here on my Island  no seeds either, Just fish  this mound of earth is only yards away from the place where the rats are now the Nile land is flooded,

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Mary said...

Ick...rats! But like you, I would have been taking photos of them :-) I like that feral pigeon and that last shot is very pretty!