Monday, June 7, 2010

Myegypt bird rescue,

The birds have found new material to make their nests  I have often watched the sparrows pulling bits off my Clothes line  its an easy material as there is an abundance of it about for the birds too use.   but the results of string in nest can be a danger to the chicks as this rescued chick shows, two days ago I saw the Swallows perching over the canal   so I went back  to the area to photograph the inside of the Temple of Medinet Habu
 and on my walk back I should catch the swallows. I saw one and and it flew off so   I was sitting waiting on the bank waiting  or rather hoping  for their return, when there was this excitement in the fever tree the sparrows where in a real frenzy. then I saw this chick tied up by its leg on one of the branches in not the easiest of places to reach as the bank dropped direct into the canals murky waters and not a place I fancied bathing in.  the fever tree is not the best of trees to get hold of  without protection and I caught several  pricks from its thorns while trying to rescue the bird. plus the bird did not want to be rescued by a human and put up some fierce resistance the twine had been wrapped around the branch several times in order not to disturb the bird too much I tried to break off the branch but that caused the chick to panic  so all I could do was to balance and unwind the bird around the twig. soon the bird was free from the branch   but Without a pair of scissors or a knife  all I could do was be patient and untie the knotted twine from the tiny leg of my little brave chick. who gave me several encouraging pecks. not sure if it was to encourage me or to say  let me go now you have freed me from the tree., with all the twine off its leg.  I bade it farewell and the chick flew off , while all this was going on I had a host of sparrows chirping in frenzy   leave the baby alone  there is no meat on her  please go away , the swallows did not come back  so I headed for home but not before a walk along the Nile where I had several  good dragon  shots and even more good shots of the Squacco Heron.
Have you tried photographing a bird with one hand  free >
Have you had  a kiss from a sparrow chick, its what they say a peck on the nose.
Th temple of Medinet Habu  and the point where I was rescuing the chick. 
 the my blog on The Medet temple with its Hieroglyph reliefs and massif pillars


Bob Bushell said...

A good blog Tony.

Mary said...

ah...I'm glad you could rescue it,even if it was rather ungrateful about your methods I guess you will have to get a little knife to carry with you :-) It was good of you to go to all that trouble. We have to do what we can and it never seems enough at times.