Tuesday, March 9, 2010

no hassle please

When not to photograph birds  or people !    first try not to go to a place where there are Egyptians  whose only fun is to annoy.   make sure you are focused on the subject  here in these next frames  I went to photograph the leaves of the tree  that have all grown back since the storm a few weeks ago.    now if I was in the right frame of mind, IE  no body bloody annoying me,  I would have had no problem in getting frames of both the bird  and the plant, 

as it was i moved on  and ended up  having to turn back  because first I only came out to get a shot of the leaves,   so a fellow blogger may be able to Identify the tree, and it was too hot to go walkabout without being geared up,   Hat scarf etc.   as I  turned back I was accosted by this nice chap, who 6 months ago Hit me in the back of  head  just because I did not want to take a ride with him on his sail boat on that particular incident the little toe rag run off. and of course when I reported him to the police .  unless I had a photo or his name. they could do nothing about it.   what these nice people think is,   the tourist is only here for a few days  so rather than get spotted again by the guy who he hit,   will go sleep it off in some hole waiting for the problem to go away.  so here he is  being confronted and his  little mind gets nudged back 6 months  and off he runs again  but this time I have  a 100x400 zoom lens. on him by the time he stops and turns around he realizes he is being photographed  puts his hand to his face then goes Hide behind a tree. until I start walking his way . then he is off like a whippet jumping in and out of traffic  and disappears,
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only to be hassled again by the same guy who thought I was taking photos of the tree cos I needed a taxi,   you know how much,  for what I asked for the sail boat one hour,,   I thought you said Taxi?    water taxi, Bollocks  go away in jerky movements,  I said not wanting to use a four letter word. as I was walking past the seat where he had been sitting A young guy (Egyptian) who was sitting with a young   white girl  started  on me  what is your problem why wont you take a boat ride its too hot to walk,  don't you bloody start,  I said,  you are right its too hot.  then he hurled a few more remarks  by this time I had put my camera away in its carrier. and I went and sat on the next seat  as I was getting the camera out  this guy came running over. why are you taking photos of me.  I got one quick snap  and  walked away. from his accent  I would think he had spent a lot of time in the uk . he is most likely the owner of some sail boats, and he was there training his touts how to catch people for the boats, the right talk etc,   most likely a dole waller. in the uk. another one who came in seeking asylum, now abuses the system,   claiming like all the Egyptians do  ,  I have no money  I need your money, I must go back  see if I can get a decent shot of him.  he was quite a nasty piece of work.
what a shit shot  thats what happens when when you have a lugging long lens.

I put this last photo's on  cos these guys are a real pain in the but   every time I go out on the prom to photograph I will get them  asking questions,   why?  why ?    why not!   not your business
I need money my family in Aswan !  whats up  the cruise boat owners do not pay you.  so hassle the tourist all day.

then they rejoice because it makes there monotonous day  making some one unhappy.

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Bob Bushell said...

He must be a poor little guy whose annoyance is for something to do.

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

What an awful place to live!! I would have left long ago!!

Sorry Tony, but it is still not a tree I can help you identifying and is definitely not in my book either. Are they growing in the wild too or is it a cultivated / garden tree. It does look it it might be quite magnificent with all those red flowers on it.

Kerry said...

Sounds like an awful place to live!