Thursday, March 4, 2010

Kestrel falco naumanni plus Olivaceous Warbler Hippolais pallida, & Bulbul

Got myself all excited this time the kestrel sat for a good 5 minutes on the top part of the pirouette,  got so excited I forgot to set the lens on the right settings,   not until I got the frames on the computer did I notice  them blurred.  part and parcel of having new things to play with,     good job it was here on my roof not out in the field  where  sometimes I only get a chance to take one frame,  its also good practice,   as they say we should learn by our mistakes.

Like this next shot  taken on the Promanade  only one good view  to get a shot of this shy bird as soon as it heard the click it was gone,    I think or from its description in the book its the    Olivaceous Warbler Hippolais pallida,

The common bulbul  I have  Lots of photos on    but this is the first photo with my 100x400 ef lens  from about 50 ft.

While in the beer garden  and feeding ourselves   another Bulbul came within  10ft  of where we where sitting and of course the lens had been put back in its holster for safety and the camera was fitted with the lens that came with the camera.     It  was set on for night shot. so we get these rather green blurred shots of the Bulbul who thinks that used  cotton  buds are the answer to his nest problem , the two shots are taken  an  hour apart so  two buds had gone  in  the nest  in the tree behind the bird.   Tomorrow I will go back and get a shot of its nest to see what other parts this ingenious bird uses to make its nest.
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