Friday, March 5, 2010

Nile valley sun bird

Anthreptes metallicus  Female   taking its early morning feed from the Hibiscus plant.


A few yards from where the Nile valley bird was seen  these   Supposed to be White!   The little white Egret has found a great place to look for food,   anything that comes off the cruise boats plus the occasional fish that gets too close to its feet.  and in doing so gets a good intake of the nile pollution  the river happens to be quite clean today   because all the cruisers are back from hidding  since the presedintial visit. our President must think that this is such a nice place no boats   nothing but birds and water in the Nile.
But truth is  on the blog   pollution section is  after the Nagaa hamadi murder  photos.

the egrets legs are supposed to be slim  not have canks  on its joints.

Here we can see the diesel oil that makes nice colours in the water. 

and discours the beaks   around the eyes. 

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Its beak is glowing with whatever the pollution is,  I have reporeted the toxic waste that was put in the nile reed beds 12 months ago but  nothing was done  and the birds are not the only ones who get an intake of the Niles polluted waters 90.9 % of tourist taking a cruise get an intake.
Its feet should be yellow not black
 the next photo is of the same species that was taken In Aswan 6 months ago. look how healthy and white it is.
One of the many Ibis heading for the feeding grounds on the marshlands some 4 kilometers from this point. 
Female Hooded crow. the crows are another bird who has adapted its feeding to scavenge for bread and whatever on the waters of the flowing Nile 


Bob Bushell said...

Nice pictures of the Sunbird, especially no.6 and 7.

kyungmee said...

sweet images!

Kerry said...

I would never think they were of the same species unless you had pointed it out.

You are lucky to be retired and have lots of time. I still have hundreds of images from last summer that I haven't got round to processing yet. There are just never enough hours in a day. Off to try and process some now. When I have a rainy day I will spend more time browsing your sites. At the moment I am trying to get all the outside work done while the weather is good.