Saturday, March 27, 2010

Birding in Egypt

This little tyke is one of the reasons why birding is not a pleasure this side of Luxor,  here he is the other side of the waterway  because I purposely took this route after the hassle from the kids a few days ago. this is the little bugger that started throwing stones at the bird I was photographing. he tried throwing stones at me  but I was two far away. look  at the anger on his face.  its not that I want to go back to this rubbish dump again anyway. much nicer places to see the birds  but I was hoping to get a better photo of the  Clamorous reed warbler.

Not so many species about today could hear many with their calls. but they where playing hard to shoot
Like this Striated Heron  This lifted right in front of me 4 times as I followed it up the water way. the only shot I got was about 100 yards away then it was gone again.
Lots if the Crested Lark about in the sugar fields  but only this one stopped close enough to get a shot at  and then it was 50 yards away, 
The farmers were inundating the crop fields today so there was an abundance of Cattle Egret and a few Little white Egrets.   after seeing these photos on the blog I notice that there are 3 speicies of egret, see if you can.
 and which is the 3rd species


something spooked them in this field  most likely a rat  as I am quite close to the rubbish that is dumped from the city along this waterway. 

Just the one Little White Egret in this flock. 

Those that did not fly to another field perched themselves in the date palm
notice how the are not watching me but whatever spooked them in the field. 

.Closer to my flat. one of the young Kestrels there are two of them still here  the parents seem to have left not been seen for a few days now.  
I like this shot of the pigeons,   Identical flight 
The cock  has some nice colours when the sun hits the feathers around its neck. 
The 3rd  Egret     the Great white Egret Egretta Alba.

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Bob Bushell said...

The Egrets are beautiful, and the Crested Lark.

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

I don't know how you can live there Tony.

Love the Kestrel pics.