Sunday, November 29, 2009

The dropped skeleton of a fish.

As I was walking over the bridge Yesterday the Kingfisher did his droppings. isn't that a nice word we do not say our feathered friends have a shit. we say have a drop the reason is because they only have one rear passage. no number one's or two's. getting back to the pile of dropping.
As I walked past the bridge rail I had forgot all about what the bird did yesterday well its not something one dwells on, a bird doing its droppings unless its a seagull that has dropped one on your head while sunbathing on a beach. any way this dropping on the rail caught my attention I thought first it was a cocoon of one of the dragons. my name for the dragonflies, Of which I have another blogspot so I would take a photo of it. then I noticed a fish bone sticking out of it as I was looking at it through the macro lens, aah! I thought its a stool . and my mind raced back to yesterday and the kingfisher doing its business on the rail of the bridge. it was dry to the touch so I dissected it , not afraid of getting my hands dirty me. all it was is bones and fish gills. well do not expect anything else its not a vegitarian, fish and Nile water only on its menu, boring I know but thats nature for you. so now you know what kingfishers drop. click the photo I went to a lot of trouble to get this photo so please have a look at this pile of bird droppings that I now call a skeleton of a fish.

Photos of Thirty seven species of bird to Date 29/11/09
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Mary said...

Very interesting and you are a braverer person than I, to fish through the fishbones in the droppings. A real scientist providing us with new information!