Thursday, November 19, 2009

Early morning Egypt

Spiders web in the early morning sun

The little white egret looks half asleep

The path is part of my daily walk I am not usually out this early I just wanted to photograph what I could. dragons etc.

The low sun brought out the colors in this tiny wasp

Fast asleep, I actually touched this dragon before I took the photo in macro

and another small bug fast asleep.

Another tiny wasp usually these are in groups Next photo.from


Monts said...

Lovely shots Tony, just shows that warm early morning sunlight can give everything a glow. Good stuff.

Anonymous said...
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Tony nile life said...

mr or madam 123, No point in you sending links of rubbish I do not buy or want things I do not need. now if yo have a long distance zoom lens for my camera thats a different matter. and second hand it will have to be very cheap as the birdy says.

Mary said...

Wonderful spider web! I have trouble with those. and getting to touch a!