Sunday, November 1, 2009

canal life

Or rather the end of canal wild life. not in a good mood after seeing all this work being carried out on the canal. this canal happens to be alongside the main road into Luxor from Aswan all the cruise boats soon will have berths near hear and the council have decided to widen this section it is already a duel carriageway that runs into the city center and never do we have a traffic jamb one vehicle a minute will not cause a traffic jamb. tourist buses etc that come in from the airport
use the main road the other side of luxor.

most of the people who use this road travel by local minibus there are no pick up signs here if you put your and up the micro bus will pick up or getting off just ask the driver to stop. the micro buses run every minute and they are the main traffic on this road and most only come as far as my home and turn around as we are the last village in the luxor district. I think more donkeys use the rest of the road out of the village,
Buses in the future after all the building work is complete. will travel out of the village as all the atractions such as Thebes is on the west bank and the bridge over the Nile to get there is 4 kilometers from here. as is the junction to the airport. so this part of the proposed new highway will not have much use in the future, but not only is this canal being filled in but across the road lies the reed beds and the Nile all being destroyed for this councils greed for tourist money,see nile pollution on

one way of the duel carriageway they have road cleaners to clean the donkey crap thats why the hedge rows are so healthy and always look nice for the tourists that are coming or going from the Jollyville holiday resort. on crocodile Island new name Kings Island. people would not book if they think there are crocs there, there are no crocs in the nile now they have built the dams.

Blocking the canal so the workers can concrete the base for the pipes.
has also stopped the fish now the herons and kingfishers are here gorging themselves with the trapped fish, the other use for this main highway will be for the sheep. they have taken the bridges down over the canal for now the sheep have to come as far up as my flat to get on the road,

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