Sunday, August 15, 2010

This that and some people

Now  first I would like to say,   its nice when people ask if they can use  a photo I know  that my photos must be ok!   but  personally if I want to use a photo,   I link  to that photo.   I think its a bit of a cheek when I go to all the trouble of getting good photos to put on MY blog to show those of you who have no chance of seeing what I see. some   are in wheelchairs  some housebound and others just do not have the time or money to go holidays in Egypt.  to those of you who do ask!!  no I do not mind  you using a photo. but not so you can make money out of it.I also am getting a bit pissed off with the chinks, that comment  using our sites to do your porno.   next person to comment gets a load of spam.  Joan S A P  e-mailed me to say she will not be commenting again on my blog because of this problem.
Ok thats the moan out of the way.  lets get back to the other kind of bugs and wildlife.
 One more thing  My wife has made a complaint, "  oh no"    the photo comments should be under the Photo.  and as her wish is my command I shall be  doing so in future.
so photo first then the story.

The only other passenger to use the upper deck on the Nile ferry today.  I guess he was kind of nervious as to the water worthyness of this vessel as he sat in the bouy all the way accross the river.
I guess its safer to use the ferry than this police launch.
Looking back at the Temple of Luxor and my flat In a few months all this  promenadewill have changed
  and here is a link to that story with photos of the construction
 I was on my way to see the swallows when I noticed a bit of splashing in the Nile   its seems the fish  are guarding the spawn  They have made a hollow in the sand,   laid the spawn and are attacking any thing that comes near. great to watch real  nile nife  better than any movie.  problem is the action is so fast that its impossible to get a shot even with a dvd camera  there is  all the silt  movement making the water murky.
This is the area where I saw all the dragonflies 2 days ago  its  Ramadan and its very hot so a good excuse for a drink is a dip in the Nile,  Ooh" a bit of water went in my mouth.
Next shots are from  the blog 2 days ago
This area was covered with hundreds of dragon flies some  on the donkey  droppings  but most on the sand just perched  and all had their tails sticking up it was another experiance I will never forget all these black winged  dragonflies  flying about my legs as I walked on the  sand. not sure what they get from the sand  as the Nile is  not salt water. its not fresh  or clean either.
The next few shots shows the sand littered with them.

This is the  same area  half an hour later as the boys  came for a swim  they take no notice of any of the wildlife. its like they share the beach area. 
End of part one. the other new bird I saw today is on the birding in Egypt blogspot,

 and this rather good shot of todays sunset  seeing its got 3 Great white Egrets in it.


Friend of HK said...

It is the first time I learned that dragonflies eat donkey droppings! Why?

Tony nile life said...

Well Friend of HK,
its a good job something eats it as there is lots of it here,
its food all in the cycle of Life.
I was going to take a photo of some on dog shit, but it was a bit smelly.
and by the way they only take the moist out of fresh droppings,
I am not sure if they also lay the next generation in the droppings.

No shit no life,

Chris said...

Excellent post with nice pictures. As you said the sunset and the three great white egret is a superb shot, but the text of your post was also pretty interesting....