Thursday, August 5, 2010

Nature trail

My nature trail  today Takes  us to an area known as Banana Island and an area that has been my concerrn over the past twelve months of irisponsible Dumping of  toxic waste in what was the estuary of Banana island
 Today It Is no longer an Island and the first photos show some of the damage  the filling of this land is doing to the wildlife.  ,    my website on nile pollution                   to you the photos may look normal,
 The first photo is  a normal shot   the water buffalo share the shaded areas with the  wildlife as I walk down the path  that once at this time of year would be full of Nile water and the begining of the reed beds,
the water buffalo would be wallowing in a water hole not  put under a shaded area. as it was two years ago on my first visit down this path  and had to turn back  because I had no intention of
walking in reed bed water,  and two years ago I was not into nature photography or dragon hunting walks,

The Buffalo is only 4/5 meters from the next photos,  on seeing these at first glance I thought wow  another species of dragons or are they grasshopers,, on closser inspection they ar certainly not grass hoppers.

These would have been dragonflies I do not know why they died on these Bullrush reed stems but there was maybe 50 or so  in about 50square meters, I took my shoes off and had a look in other areas  of  the reed beds  And I did not see anymore dried up dragons.carcasses.
I am no expert on this . but  I have been coming to this place for 18 months. And I have not seen this before also its only in a small area  where the toxic waste of the hospital was dumped. 
and if anyone knows what they are and if I am wrong please comment. to allay my fears on this ,
Have no intention of going for another walk tomorrow. so todays photos of which there are many. will be kept for another day. birds will be on the birdinginegypt blog,  dragons will be on  the dragonsand damsel bllog. and the other things I saw on my walk will be on nilelife2 blog. plus a delicious honey melon, grapes and the lemons I rescued from a tree that had been cut down.
Stay cool.  from a very hot Luxor Egypt.

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Mary said...

They are certainly strange looking. No idea what they are. It is a shame you have so much pollution and toxic stuff there to spoil such a great place.