Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lesser Kestrel, Falco naumanni

I was up at first light 6.15   setting up the camera on its tripod to make sure there was less shake while shooting but  as always birds are so unpredictable,  they decided to go to the tower behind me and that is in the sun,    so no good shots of the first tread  after he done the business he flew on to a more suitable area to get a decent shot .


 The male  checking on the nest

The tower where the nest is  near the Temple at Luxor. 

I think this photo is proof these are the The Lesser Kestrel. The population of this SMALL bird of prey is declining seriously, and the species is now listed among the world's threatened birds.  The male is more easily told by its blue-grey head. and pale feet (not Black)

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