Thursday, February 25, 2010

20 hours of sand storm

I bit blustery this morning managed to get a few shots before the storm got a bit to fierce    put the camera away because of all the dust and sand flying about . my olympus  pocket camera  had to do the job as its dust proof shock proof and Tony proof.  the sparrow decided he would make a good photo.
The crow knows where the Kestrel nest is  it got blown off course  on its attempt to go for the nest then the male made a half attempt at chasing it away.   but as long as one of the kestrels are in the nest the eggs should survive the hatch  once they have hatched is the time they have to be on guard the crows are real vicious when it comes to taking the young of any of the birds.  
After the chase he too got blown off course and decided to land on the satellite dish  for a respite until a gust of wind blew him off.   most of you  have seen a crow  not many have seen a kestrel the bird is smaller then the crow but looks bigger in flight because of its wingspan  I have managed to get a shot of the crow  at the same distance as the kestrel flying off  the satellite dish ,
The crow 

The falcon

9.00 and the sun is trying to break through

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