Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Graceful prinia, prinia gracilis.

 I am to be Congratulated  on finding  another species  the
I said it was the Lesser spotted eagle,    the Kite has never been seen in This part of Egypt not in the book anyway.  so if you are going to pull me up on names of birds  as I most welcome you to do   please give me the proper name.  I rely on the book for species its hard sometimes as the light plays tricks with the colours.
This is what birding is about this little bird is smaller than a wren almost like trying to get a photo of a large grasshopper,  but today this little one decided it would let me get quite close so i could take a photo only problem  was,   the reed beds are not a good place for a photo session'

 and these are what  shots I got today, its ok for me I saw these birds out in the open hunting for food, before they dived for cover,  in these reeds.

It decided to have a good scrach. then a good preen making sure there was no small wildlife under its wings.

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