Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The spiders Web

I take lots of photos each day anything that gets my attention, costs nothing and its easy to delete a frame ( as the professional photographers call a photo shot) if not wanted
so before I log off I will share these wonderful feats of nature, the first is the web of the garden spider, the spider itself is a work of art by our creator, the photos of spiders and bugs are on.

this spider is just a spider but this spider shares its web with other spiders and sometimes a whole bush will be covered in hundreds of spiders webs
this one is on the side of the main road and the shrub is regularly trimmed if the webs are disturbed and broken they will build another over night. I tested them this web I destroyed 2 days ago. If you enlarge its easy to see the different webs the small bits are the spiders as soon as some thing big gets near they curl up into a ball shape I do have photos of them but without the legs sticking out of the body they just look like something they have caught and wrapped a web around it.
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Bob Bushell said...

Hi Tony, that's a nice spider, colourful.

Mary said...

Neat spider's web! Very perfect. It is fun to watch them create one. They are so fast. YOu got great photos of it.

Glennis said...

WOW such big spider webs, very perfectly made.